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A latest 2018 report by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) shows that the World Travel industry has increased a healthy 3.9% over last year. Overall, the hospitality sector is now worth more than $8.8 trillion according to latest estimations and employ a staggering 319 million people in its workforce. The sector has seen sustained growth over the last decade despite the global credit crunch. The travel industry is also gaining traction because of the social media popularity of the industry especially on Instagram and facebook. The industry is expected to post record numbers this year as well.

But, on the other hand, the issues for travellers and BackPacker Coin remain due to the conventional banking environment. Countless credit card fees, exchange fees and travel bookings mean that a large slice of the travelers’ budget is lost in transactioning and not on actual payment ot the Travel industry itself.

At BackPacker Coin, we aim to release a digital currency that solves all the problems faced by the current and future generations of travelers in the world with a universal stablecoin payment project.BackPacker Coinoffers negligible transaction costs with instant payment capability rather than getting stuck in the never-ending transaction vortex.

The BackPacker Coin seeks to revolutionize the entire travel industry.

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The BackPacker Coin wants to eliminate various issues in the travel and hospitality industry. Currency conversion hassle is one of the biggest issues being faced by them. By offering our USD stablecoin and digital currency platform as a payment alternative, the BPC Is working to ensure that travelers can go anywhere without the need of currency conversions.

Another bagging issue is the overloading of cash when it comes to traveling. Conventional payment systems aren’t reliable and thus travelers and BackPacker Coin are required to handle a huge amount of physical cash with them which makes them prone to thieves. With the new BackPacker Coin payment system, the need for carrying outdated ATMs can also be minimized. FEATURES


Cryptocurrency Payment Integration

The BPC ecosystem will employ easy cryptocurrency payment integration and a digital arbitration system that is fair for both buyers and sellers. The entire stablecoin project will be hosted on the Smart Asset Blockchain application of the NEM blockchain and thus will not be subjected to any sole authority or failure point. Owing to the nature of the blockchain technology, the coin will be open to everyone and remain functional worldwide regardless of borders.

Main Features

The BackPacker Coin Ecosystem

The BackPacker Coin platform is put together from a network of 2 explorer nodes, which delivers a potent, easy-to-use, steady, and protected platform where Smart Asset trading is conducted, searched for, and logged in into a decentralized Block chain ledger. The Smart Block chain Block chain will decrease costs and increase performance by using programmed supply chain management. The BPC is a part of a cryptocurrency family providing an enhanced platform and simplified methods to retain the ledger for safer transactions. With a passionate team, adept in finance, marketing and industry expertise, working day and night to create the best BPC environment, the BPC has its distinct features


The BPC payment is backed up by the Smart Asset Blockchain through which the security, dependability and quick transactions are already proved.


If you are looking to store the BPC cryptocurrency, the ideal place is the BPC wallet. It is available in both the desktop and smartphone base

Low Transaction Fees

A transaction fee will be functional when buying the BPC. However, the BackPacker Coin platform can be used by traders to remove their currency conversion fees and global transaction fees.


The BPC has made the cryptocurrency dealings easy and efficient. Moreover, it has got down the energy requirement for the digital transaction.


The BPCwallet can be used on supportive websites to order travel tickets, book hotels and hire car or other lodgings.


The annual inflation rate expected with the BPC is 4.25%. With more usage of the coin, the value is expected to increase substantially.

Ultra-quick and secure

Each transaction of the BPC will be super quick. The aim is to have it completed in 3 seconds+.


With the Scrypt algorithm, BPC will use a POS and POW data mining.


Our Journey to you - Road Map

The BackPacker Coin ecosystem will use the Smart Asset Blockchain of NEM blockchain for its core functionality. The functioning has specifically been developed by our expert team of engineers who have been working on the project since 2018.

2019 A

Getting on our toes

Commencement with the Concept Generation Assembling the team with likeminded and hardworking people

2019 B


Proof of Concept Preparation of the Strategic plan Completion of the White paper

2019 C


Designing of the Platform and conducting Technical demonstration Building the MVP

2019 D


Raising the Public and Seed Funding

2019 E

In-house testing of functional Prototype published and linked to Smart Asset Block chain with real time scanning

2019 F

Conducting the launch press tour Opening Global sales of BackPacker Coin

2020 F

Paper wallet

application Video marketing IOS mobile application

2020 G

Private closed Beta Opening Beta launched to public Improving the app

BPC community

BPC is an innovative product that is not the brainchild of one person but rather warrants contribution from the entire digital currency community. Enthusiasts, users and innovators can become BPC ambassadors to help propel the futuristic project forward and improve it.

Travelers and enthusiasts are welcome to join the community as the ease of the using BPC will help their cause and make traveling easier than ever. BPC Community


BPC is a true decentralized system managed by DAMO, the first decentralized autonomous meritocratic organization. A decentralized autonomous meritocratic organization has the ability to use blockchain technology to provide a secure and digital ledger that tracks financial interactions on the internet. It does so by using its decentralized ability to prevent counterfeiting thanks to the concept of “timestamp”, so that every DAMO participant can verify transactions in a single tap.

The focal point of the blockchain is that there is no central authorityand thus no monopolistic control over the entire process. The consensus is strong with this one!

BPC Wallets

You can use downloadable wallets in a decentralized way, managing your BPC. It’s a great way to keep your BPC safe, in order to receive and send payments with this cryptocurrency.

Blockchain explorer

Transparent flow of BPC transactions.


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