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BPC HardFork , An upgrade towards future

Backpackercoinhas moved a step forward towards full decentralization. We are introducing thisnew hard fork which would improve the current blockchain

Earn Staking upto 4% per month Staking Rewards by Investing in Backpacker Coin Project

Backpacker Coin (BPC) has announced the completion of a shift to Proof-of-Stake (PoS) mining approach from the existing Proof-of-Work (PoW) approach.

Backpacker Coin Marks Launch Anniversary

7th July 2020 marks 1 year of the launch of the Backpacker Coin project. The primary function of the launch was arranged in The Metropolis Tower Two 1

Backpacker Coin Shifting its Operations from Singapore to Wyoming

The first true $1 stablecoin project backpacker coin has announced that it is moving its operations from Singapore to Wyoming, a small midwestern US s

Financial Institutions and Banks Studying Stablecoin Systems

The government financial institutions like banking regulators and currency issuing authorities like reserve banks are studying stablecoin systems to l

Backpacker Coin Announces Listing on VinDAX Exchange

 New coin projects, especially stable coins need liquidity and general utility to be accepted around the world. A listing on a new exchange means

Backpacker Coin Announces 2.0 Update Including Groundbreaking Changes in Supply and Consensus Algorithm

The Backpacker Coin project has announced a new update on the development of the cryptocurrency project. They include a shift from Proof-of-work minin

Blockchain Startups Raising Huge Investment. Invest Now in Backpacker Coin

Blockchain startups are attracting solid investment from around the world. Recently, a blockchain security startup called CoolBitx raised over $16.75

BackPacker Coin Has Kept own promise-welcome you

From July 7 till now, we have kept the BPC rate stable. We are dedicated to stay with our promise very seriously. In the near future, people will be a

Backpacker Coin Launching Soon with Exchange on the Cards

Backpacker Coin, a Singapore-based USD-backed stablecoin project is back and will be available for users in the near future. The futuristic and practi

New Dollar-pegged Backpacker Coin Launched

Stablecoins are becoming the next big wave not just in the crypto world but the whole digital currency and transaction industry. Many investors, enthu