Blockchain Startups Raising Huge Investment. Invest Now in Backpacker Coin

Blockchain startups are attracting solid investment from around the world. Recently, a blockchain security startup called CoolBitx raised over $16.75 million in a series B funding through SBI, a venture capitalist firm in Japan. The startup is now looking to expand across the world. The startup joins a long list of crypto and blockchain platforms raising serious money at investment rounds.  

The world is now interested in blockchain and cryptocurrency related projects more than ever so it is the best time to invest and become part of promising startups from around the world. While the wave of short sighted ICOs is now over, it is time for the concrete crypto startups to take over and make a name for themselves. 

The Backpacker Coin (BPC) is a solid crypto platform. It is a payment enabler that is focusing on the worldwide tourism industry including the smaller backpacking community within it. Based in Singapore, the platform has real credentials that will change the way payment is made by the travel industry in the near future. The promise is simple:

1. Pay remotely and effortlessly through BPC Coin, a stablecoin pegged to the $1 value. Backpacker Coin remains the only coin to offer $1 stable value to its customers rather than unstable values 

2. Have a universal regulatory approved payment platform that one can use anywhere, anytime. 

The struggle for a universally payable currency and method is never ending. Regular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have limited acceptance while cards have high fees and limited functionalities. The Backpacker Coin is aiming to become a real world alternative to both systems. Using the blockchain-based stablecoin feature, BPC will ensure seamless transactions with $1 stable value with less transaction fees and such. It is important to understand that other stablecoins never offer true $1 value. USDT, USDC, Paxos and others offer “unstable” stablecoins and their value can change upto 3% in a single day. No platform has a solution to this unstable USD-pegged coins currently flooding the market. 

Backpacker Coin aims to end this by guaranteeing a stable value for every user around the world. Backpacker Coin is also looking to be compliant with all the regulatory requirements of governments and will ensure systemic compliance on all protocols. By offering a hassle-free regulatory approved solution, Backpacker Coin is the real deal!

Become a part of the Backpacker Coin Revolution Now and support the development!