Backpacker Coin Announces Listing on VinDAX Exchange

 New coin projects, especially stable coins need liquidity and general utility to be accepted around the world. A listing on a new exchange means that the coin can be exchanged or redeemed with other cryptocurrencies and converted back to fiat easily. 

The Backpacker Coin (BPC) has announced that it has successfully listed on the VinDAX  for the first time. Previously, the generated BPC could be exchanged with Bitcoin and USD on its native wallet app. However, to offer additional options for the end user, the BPC team has now announced the new listing. 

What is the Backpacker Coin?

The Backpacker Coin is a new project that envisages a true $1 stable value for all users till 2022 on the platform. The Backpacker Coin remains the only stable coin to offer this proposition as other stable coins are known to fluctuate every now and then from the $1 value. The coin is especially intended for the travel and backpacking community that is considerable across the world and is anxiously waiting for the Corona virus pandemic to ease so they can go about their business. However, vendors and small traders can use this service effectively as well. 

While the Backpacker Team announced this move, it is also to be clarified that the project is not looking at an exchange listing as the next big thing as the real objective is to get as many users on the platform actually using the coin itself for regular everyday use. This is why delivering the next generation platform to use the stable coin remains the primary objective rather than just becoming a utility for day trading like other stable coins have become like the likes of USD Tether, USD Coin, Paxos Dollar, Gemini Dollar and the others. 

Recent Updates to the Backpacker ecosystem

The Backpacker Coin has announced sweeping changes to its system with a streak of updates announced. The supply has been reduced to a more user-friendly 20 million BPC ($20 million) and the premined coins are around 4 million BPC in total. The platform has also increased functionality with Windows and Linux users getting the option to download the new wallet and use the Backpacker Coin effectively. A new X15 algorithm has also been envisaged to become the backbone of the consensus protocol. This system is different from the previous Scrypt algorithm and is known to be faster and much more futuristic. 

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